Bauhaus, the most significant art and design school in history, this year celebrates its 100th anniversary. During its existence, the Bauhaus transformed creative thinking worldwide. Its students designed a functional, yet creative, geometric furniture which set a base for further modernization of the interior design worldwide.

There is no such thing as a steady Bauhaus style. The Bauhaus was an interdisciplinary platform for ideas, where opinions and styles fused in the search for the “new” architecture, design, and art. To mark the Bauhaus movement, the open-minded approach towards reinventing the world, we present to you 5 of its iconic furniture designs.

Wassily Chair

The Hungarian architect and furniture designer Marcel Breuer took the usual club chair form and simplified it until it was just a contour, with a seat, back and arms. The Model B3 chair was born. The chair became known as the Wassily Chair, named after the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky who admired its design.

Selected_Happy birthday Bauhaus_Wassily_Chair


MT8 Lamp

The Bauhaus Lamp represents the key principle in Bauhaus – form follows function. This simple geometrical table lamp was designed by the German designer Wilhelm Wagenfeld and the Swiss designer Carl Jakob Jucker.

Selected_Happy birthday Bauhaus_mt8 lamp


Baby Cradle

Using the trademark color palette of the Bauhaus (red, yellow and blue), the German architect Peter Keler designed the well-known Baby Cradle, inspired by Kandinsky’s explanation of the psychological effects that colors have on humans.

Selected_Happy birthday Bauhaus_baby cradle



Chess Set

The German artist Josef Hartwig designed the chess set using clean geometrical forms in order to reduce the figures to their basic purpose – the movement. By removing the religious and monarchical symbols which are usually used in chess figures design, Hartwig intended to redesign the chess game for the modern-day player.

Selected_Happy birthday Bauhaus_chess-set


Tea infuser

Tea anyone? The Bauhaus tea infuser is envisioned to refine a concentrated tea extract, which in combination with hot water, can make tea of any preferred strength. The German artist Marianne Brandt took the design of a usual teapot and removed its decorations to create a geometric metal tea infuser and strainer from which one can easily pour the 5PM tea.

Selected_Happy birthday Bauhaus_tea infuser