Ben Churchill is more than a pastry chef, he is an artist, a true food illusionist. His extraordinary culinary creations, though might seem uninviting to taste, are true gastronomic masterpieces. Heading in a new direction of food illusionism, Churchil is exploring the grotesque and disgusting.
He creating desserts that push the boundaries of perception. What’s your choice: the edible washing up sponge or soap, the dirt ‘n worm, the mouldy satsuma, or an ashtray? Make no mistake, whatever dessert you choose you will actually eat a brownie, panna-cotta, chocholate, caramel, lemon sherbet, parfait…Currently he is working on his second Food Illusions book.

Mintsquare_Selected_Food IllusionsMintsquare_Selected_Food IllusionsMintsquare_Selected_Food IllusionsMintsquare_Selected_Food Illusions

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