Eclipse is a short 6’ video for the AW17 Stella McCartney Collection, orchestrated by the visionary director Philippa Price.

Eclipse invites the viewer into a setting (the desert) that unites Western movies traditional motifs and futuristic details. It provides a delicate window for the equestrian leitmotif inspired Stella McCartney’s AW17 collection, while exposing the audience to an ample surreal impression. In the blink of an eye, the LA-based director Philippa Price depicts the equestrian theme and spices it up with a Western spin, featuring contortionist dancers and models that echo Blade Runner outlaw characters.
This is the second installment for her video project #StellaBy.
At the end, one thing is clear and undeniable…this projection stays deeply embedded in the eyes of the beholder…

Photography Daniel Regan
Video direction Philippa Price