A poet, a critic, an editor, but most of all a digital artist. Known on Instagram as dovneon, David Stenbeck creates alluring digital artworks with mesmerizing power. His works are minimal in design but they create forceful magic which captivates the attention of the spectator.

His surrealism is often colored in pink shades. Recognizable by the neon hues, Stenbeck lets us enter one supernatural world where he defines himself as a “spiritual misleader”.

“I’m always interested in matters of the human psyche, as well as human rituals and ceremonies, and those mad self-proclaimed spiritual leaders have always struck me as obvious focal points of danger and misguidance, that people should be able to avoid with ease, but aren’t. Having said that, these men, as they usually are, also have some humoristic attributes to them, put aside all the real problems they produce”, says David for Mintsquare Magazine.

“For me, being the spiritual misleader, consequently it’s a game of words for one, also it’s playing with those tendencies of following someone, a single one, that supposedly possesses any kind of ‘truth’ – yet there is none and could not be. Truth is a very dangerous word to swing. Lastly, there’s the rule of attraction, the search of love or beauty that doesn’t always end well.”