Gareth Pugh delivers dramatic aesthetics to kick off London Fashion Week. For this purpose, the future-gothic designer teamed up with the visionary photographer Nick Knight (SHOWstudio), the choreographer Wayne McGregor and the philosophical artist Olivier de Sagazan. Together they marked the beginning of London Fashion Week through the radical anti-fashion film for Pugh’s SS18 collection.

Rather than being a promotional material in lieu of a regular catwalk, the movie takes the viewer on a highly emotional and charismatic voyage. Characterized as Pugh’s most ambitious pièce du cinéma to date, the short film was screened on the largest screen in Europe (BFI IMAX Waterloo) and provided a visceral, vastly magnetic experience for the viewers.

Pugh’s film is a synergetic combination of shocking, intense and vivid depictions and is bizarrely unforgettable. The opening scenes are more akin to horror movies genre, than to alluring stylized images, even as the story develops there are only flashes of his SS 2018 collection, which puts the focus on feelings rather than on actual clothes.

This ingenious fashion film is highly inspired from the concept ‘duende’ and ‘hijacks the mind’ of the viewer with the unspoken allure of raw human emotions. And again… Gareth Pugh and Nick Knight opened the question of dualism between the the tangible and intangible significance of the garment, while at the same they have put the spotlight on film as future fashion medium.​

Kristina Gligorovska


Director: Nick Knight
Choreographer: Wayne McGregor
Artist: Olivier de Sagazan