Featuring the supreme (and somewhat eccentric) in photography, fashion, art and design, MINTSQUARE is an independent medium that combines sinuous lines of aesthetic discourse and leaves a lot of space for freedom of thought and action.
MINTSQUARE is a drive for creative fineness in photography and storytelling, producing a distinctive editorial features on the cutting edge of contemporary culture. It is a source of inspiration and influence across photography, fashion, art and design.
MINTSQUARE team and worldwide contributors are devoted to communicating information in a thought-provoking, inspiring, engaging way. We are passionate about bringing you a curated collection of the most appealing work from both recognized creatives as well as emerging talents.
This square sublimates the creative senses of many artists through expressions of creative photography & eroticism, distinguished fashion, refined design and art, with focus on upscale graphics in the new wave of online magazines.